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LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: to access copies of all bills go to the General Assembly website www.leg.state.co.us

HB 15-1043 – This law goes into effect August 3rd, 2015 and will have a strong effect on how multiple DUI's by an  individual are handled.  Concerning penalties for DUI offenders, this law increases the penalty from a misdemeanor to a class 4 felony after three or more prior convictions of a DUI, DUI per se, or DWAI; vehicular homicide; vehicular assault; or any combination thereof (in a lifetime).

What this means is you will receive a class 4 felony if you get:
   •    Any fourth or subsequent alcohol related driving offense; or
   •    Any third alcohol related driving offense within seven years where one or
        more of the following circumstances apply:
             o    Person(s) under 18 present in the vehicle
             o    Property damage or injury accident
             o    Hit and run
             o    Blood alcohol concentration over 0.15

The court must determine that all appropriate sanctions and options have been exhausted before sentencing to DOC (Department of Corrections).  Allows for a community corrections sentence for those with 3 offenses. If convicted of a felony DUI the parolee will be required to use an interlock for the period of parole.

(Information provided is based in part on original information provided by the Colorado State Department of Behavioral Health)