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Ignition interlock devices have long been used as a means of reducing recidivism for persons with impaired driving offenses. They've been used in Colorado since 2001. While Colorado does not require a mandatory ignition interlock for all DUI offenders, they will almost certainly be required in cases where:

*the BAC is considered high (.15 or higher)
*the person has more than one DUI or DWAI
*the blood or breath test is refused

In addition, ignition interlocks can be voluntarily installed in oder to reinstate driving privileges early (in many cases), and

Their use can be extended in cases where a person has multiple attempts to drive under the influence of alcohol with an installed ignition interlock.


In an article from 2011, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine concluded that “methods for combining interlock programs with alcohol treatment programs should be explored further as a potential means of extending the effectiveness of interlock beyond the period during which they are installed”. 

With funding from the Persistent Drunk Driver Fund, a protocol was developed in 2009 called Interlock Enhancement Counseling©® (IEC) to be used as an adjunct to DUI education and treatment for those DUI offenders who have an interlock installed in their vehicles. It's a 10 hour motivationally based brief intervention that consists of 4 brief individual sessions and 4 groups.  You can to interlock counseling at the same time you're attending your regular DUI groups AND can receive 10 hours of Level II DUI Therapy credit if you complete the entire 10 hour series. The only requirement is to have an ignition interlock installed and in use.

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(Information provided is based in part on original information provided by the Colorado State Department of Behavioral Health)